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17 - UNTIL YOU (Epilogue)

Genres: Japra / Orchestral Pop / Classical Crossover / Musical Theatre / Adult Contemporary / Jazz / Smooth Jazz

Music & Lyrics Composed, Written and Arranged by Maurita André.
Published by MA'M (Maurita André Musique) /
JAPRA Entertainment Ltd. / (Universal Music Publishing Ltd.).

Produced and Arranged by Maurita André.
Horn Arrangement by Raymond George and Maurita André.

Recorded & Mixed by Dennis Weinreich and Jon Moon at Sensible Studios, London, England.
Mastered by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering, London, England.

Maurita André - Lead & Backup Vocals
Neil Angilley - Grand Piano & Music Director
Michael Bailey - Fender Bass
Richard Bailey - Drums
Karl Vanden Bossche - Percussion
Nigel Hitchcock - Saxophone
Sid Gauld - Trumpet
Alistair White - Trombone

© ℗ 2020 JAPRA Entertainment™.


I never knew my soulmate until you
Someone to rely on until you
Never knew what completion,
And soul synergy is

I never knew what healing was 'til you
Or being understood was until you
What being reborn is---
And being in love is---
So much more than a feeling---
It's a real commitme--nt
'Til you

I never knew such happiness 'til you
What true acceptance was 'til you
Never knew what freedom
And security is--

I never laughed this hard before 'til you
What living in the moment was 'til you
I'm travelling the world carefree--
Living out my fantasies--
You're always supporting me--
And I can conquer anything
With you

Oh------- Oh----
How-- you lo--ve me
There's such joy---
In--- the little things--
Ti--me floats by----
When you're--- with me

Cause until you,
Seen so much jealousy
Until you,
And insecurity
Until you,
Felt I couldn't breathe
Was buried undergrou---nd

Until you,
The tricks I've seen men try
Until you,
The times that they did lie
Until you,
All the nights I cry but,
There long gone
Now I've, found my home

Never smiled this bright before 'til you
Or lived this kind of life before 'til you
Never ever experienced
What a partnership is

I've never been romanced like this, 'til you
Or been this adventurous until you
Together walking hand in hand
You listen and you understand
I'll love you 'till the end
Cause I couldn't find a better man
Than you


Now I'm happy, Ah-----
Because of you, Ah----
You've helped to
Make my dreams come true

So very happy, Ah----
Because of you, Ah----
You've helped to
Make my dreams come true

Look forward to---
My life with you---
If you stay true---
I'll be good to you---
Sta--y tuned----

(Continue until song fades out)