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Grant Making Trust Opportunities

receive from Trusts and Foundations will do
more than just create timeless music, films,
concerts, stage shows, exhibitions and tours.
It will also provide our audiences with
stunning extravaganzas of enticing elegance
and exquisite theatrical entertainment.


JAPRA ENTERTAINMENT is also dedicated
to providing our audiences with originality,
professionalism, passion, along with the
highest degree of quality.  Our commitment
to education sets us apart and creates
opportunities for students to discover the
impact music, dance, film, fine arts and
theatre has on learning, along with fun,
interactive experiences with our Artists, Cast,
Musicians, Creative Team, Interns and Crew.


Each gracious commitment of generosity
Corporate Trusts and Foundations will enable
us to embark on a Cross-Cultural journey that
will premiere, market, distribute and tour our
creative works to the broad and diversified
audiences of Bermuda, Europe, Asia,
Australia, Africa, the Americas
and the Caribbean.


We are proud that when you support JAPRA
ENTERTAINMENT, you will be helping to
launch the international careers of many
phenomenal Artists & Technicians by allowing
them the priceless opportunity to work and
perform on-stage or backstage alongside
world-renowned industry professionals.


To achieve our goals, we need your support
of the arts now more than ever.  With the
help of your Trust or Foundation, JAPRA
ENTERTAINMENT will not only preserve
our exceptional education & new production
initiatives, but it will also help us to secure
our new headquarters, tour bus, equipment,
sets and costumes and film gear for our
music videos, movies and live stage show
events, so that we may reach
our dream together.


If your Trust or Foundation would like
to become involved in supporting JAPRA
ENTERTAINMENT's endeavour of spreading
hope and 'Healing with Song' to the world,
please Email our Philanthropy Department
at: Give@JAPRA.net and someone
will get in touch with you.


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